New residents moving into one of our properties, Welcome!  Once all the lease documents have been signed and you have delivered payment for your security deposit, you will receive an email from the Property Manager with instructions for your Move In.

Setting Up Utilities

The Tenants are responsible for setting up and paying for the utilities as detailed in your Lease agreement.  We have a FREE CONCIERGE SERVICE for you to use to make this task simple!  Please go to to get started!

Scheduling your Move In

We conduct Move Ins Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM.  Holidays are excluded.  In the email from your Property Manager will be your point of contact for your move in.  A time will be scheduled for you to meet at the property, collect keys, and complete a walk thru of the home.  Please plan on at least one hour for the walk thru of the property.

During the walk thru, you will be notating any existing damage to the home. Your move in coordinator will also show you where important utility items are.

Please note, the property you leased is leased AS-IS. Any changes or repairs must be requested during the Application Process, not on the day of your Move In.

Utilities must be turned on and in the new residents name on or before your lease commencement date. A list of utilities will be provided to you from your Property Manager before your move in.

It is the residents responsibility to have all the utilities on for the day of move in.

The First Full Month Lease Payment is Due on or Before your Lease Commencement Date.  If you have not made this payment before your Move In day, then please bring with you a Cashiers Check or Money Order for the amount detailed in your lease.

If you have any questions, please contact your Agent or Property Manager.


We would like your move out to be smooth and hassle free.  We have published the following Guide for our Residents to use as a Reference to help you prepare for your upcoming move.

Residents Move Out Guide

Itemized List of Repair Costs


How to Give Notice?

Please follow these instructions: How to Give Notice


When vacating early from your lease, the best scenario for the landlord and yourself is that we find a replacement tenant for the home. We will market the home for lease and show the home to prospective tenants while you are still living in the home. We will need your complete cooperation during this process. Pets need to be crated or removed for showing. The property kept clean and in show-able condition. The lawn and landscaping maintained and watered. The property kept available for showings during normal showing times.

Once we have an approved applicant, we will coordinate with you for a move out date. The ideal situation is the new tenant moves in within a few days of your move out date. This limits the additional rent you will need to pay and provides us and the landlord with time to make sure the home is ready.

You will be charged a reletting fee as defined in your lease. Normally the reletting fee is one full month rent payment as this will be the amount the landlord will have to pay in expenses for the new lease.

Once you vacate and surrender the property to us, we will conduct the move out inspection. Within 30 days of your move out and surrender date and written notice of a forwarding address, we will return the security deposit to you, minus any charges for non-wear and tear items and other possible charges as defined in the lease agreement.