Sell Your House

Do you need to sell your home fast?

People need to sell their house fast for many reasons.

  • Rental property you would like to sell
    • Sometimes property owners no longer want to deal with the process of finding tenants – good tenants – for their home and the costs that come with cleaning and updating it. Selling the home is the best option.
  • Avoid foreclosure
    • If you are in danger of foreclosing on your home, we can help you sell it fast or work with you in other ways if necessary.
  • Inherited a house
    • Sometimes people inherit a home and would like to liquidate it. Selling it fast is vital to avoid unwanted costs associated with inherited homes.
  • Relocation
    • Getting a new job or promotion that requires you to move quickly might mean you need to sell your house fast.

Even if none of the above reasons describe you and you just want an experienced professional to help you sell your home, we can help.

2% Listing Fee

You read it right. Sell your home with an INETO Agent and pay only 2% to the Listing Brokerage for the sale of your home!  Restrictions apply. Read below for more details

On average, a traditional agent charges you 6% of your home’s sale price to sell your home. INETO charges only 2% for the Listing Brokerage commission (with a minimum fee of $3,000) and 3% to the Buyers Brokerage, for a total commission cost of 5% of the selling price of the property!

As an example, on a $500,000 home you would save $5,000 in commissions paid by selling with INETO REALTORS instead of a traditional brokerage!

How Commissions Typically Work in Real Estate

Real Estate Brokerages charge a commission for the services they provide to you. A traditional brokerage will charge you 6% of the property’s sales price to sell the property.  That 6% commission is normally split 50/50 between the Sellers Agent (also know as Listing Agent) and the Buyers Agent.

When you sell with an INETO Agent, you pay only 2% to the Listing Agent (with a minimum fee of $3000) and 3% to the Buyers Agent.

While you still have to pay the 3% Buyers Agent commission, your total brokerage fee when selling with INETO is only 5%, not 6%!

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