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Our mission from the beginning has been to help our clients build wealth through real estate investment properties. We do that by managing their properties for them, and helping them find new properties to invest in.

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Over 20 Years of Real Estate Investment and Property Management Experience

Here's How We Help You


We help you find the perfect real estate investment properties to increase your cash flow and build your wealth.


We do all the heavy lifting! We'll manage your property and keep it occupied for you so you don't have to worry.


We help you sell your house or property fast. We have several options to get you the best deal for your situation.


Whether you want to rent out your property or are looking for a home to rent, we've got you covered on both.

Customer Reviews

  • Robert S.
    Travis has done a great job setting us up with his company, getting us started, however there are so many e-mail coming in I can't seem to catch up. There are document notices that are sent to me, and I am not sure how to review them. But compared to the other management company this company is 1st class!!!!!!
    Robert S.
  • Mauricio A.
    Travis Foote has excellent knowledge and expertise of leasing and property management. We have enjoyed working with him for many years. Travis always goes above and beyond to meet his client's expectations in every transaction that he handles and I can always count on him to do what he says he is going to do!
    Mauricio A.
  • Nancy X.
    Travis does a great job managing our rental properties. We lived in another state and Travis' expertise and deep knowledge about the area helped us purchasing the rental properties remotely without any issue. I am very satisfied with his profession service as a real estate agent as well as a property manager.
    Nancy X.
  • Ron & Paula R.
    Great property manager! ...Travis has helped us manage our rental property from the beginning, His knowledge, experience and dedication through the last 2 1/2 years has reinforced our partnership and we look forward to working with him in the future. Ron & Paula R.
    Ron & Paula R.
  • Michael G.
    The Woodlands Rentals was able to quickly rent my investment property. When issues come up they are handled quickly and professionally. I highly recommend Woodlands Rentals Property Management.
    Michael G.
  • David H.
    We have used Woodlands Rentals Property Management for 2 years and have been very pleased with the experience. They have successfully placed quality families in the house, twice, which protects our investment.
    David H.
  • Don Q.
    Travis Foote and the Woodland Rentals Property Management Team have been great to work with over the years. You can always count on them taking care of any needs and concerns of our tenants have in an efficient and timely manner. They are conscience of repairs costs and use reliable service providers. We highly recommend them for your rental property needs. Don & Mary Quintal
    Don Q.
  • Raul T.
    Travis is very professional, organized and knowledgeable. He continually works on improving his craft.
    Raul T.
  • Laura F.
    Travis is a great property manager. When we decided to sell our home, after a few years of renting it out, we were unable to get any bites. Travis suggested we bring in a property manager who would live there for a reduced rate on a 30 day renewable lease. We decided to do that. In the end, she ended up buying the house! Great idea, and he went out of his way to help her finish it such that it would show well. Cannot say enough great things about Travis!
    Laura F.
  • David M.
    Woodlands Rental Property Management Company has managed my property for well over a year now and they have been great. I am really happy with them collecting the rent, repairs and organized bookkeeping.
    David M.
  • Merle H.
    Travis manages our rental property in the Woodlands in TX. He has been very professional, helpful and responsive to any inquiries.
    Merle H.
  • Steven R.
    Travis has done well, needs to work on those that work for him.
    Steven R.
  • Babatunde P.
    WR have been managing my property over the last three years and I have not had any issues so far. They are responsive to my queries and have always ensured matters related to the property are executed as efficiently as possible. Regular inspection surveys provide the much needed information on the condition / status of the property. I can only but state that with WR one can rest easy knowing that the property is in good management hands.
    Babatunde P.
  • Jo C.
    I have worked with Travis in the purchase, management, and sale of multiple properties over the past three years. He and has team have been responsive, reliable, and professional. Travis is very knowledgeable about the Woodlands and Spring areas as he has resided locally for many years. I highly recommend him and his management team.
    Jo C.
  • Patty B.
    The team at Woodlands Rentals, and especially Travis and Edith, are great to deal with. They have a lot of experience and are very knowledgeable in this field. They show a lot of care for both their clients and customers.
    Patty B.
  • Jeff S.
    Travis delivered exactly what was promised and maintained great follow up with us throughout. Highly recommended.
    Jeff S.
  • Daniel W.
    I've been working with Travis since 2011 and don't plan on stopping. I have not had a single month with a lapse in rentors.
    Daniel W.
  • Dong C.
    I don't have to worry about anything - Travis does an excellent job on keeping the revenue coming
    Dong C.
  • Mike S.
    Been using Woodlands Rentals to manage my rental property for over six years. Worry free and very helpful!
    Mike S.
  • Judy S.
    Woodlands Rentals has managed my property in Magnolia Texas for over 5 years. I am 110% satisfied. I live in California and Travis Foote has taken care of all of the needs for this property. They respond quickly and are mindful of costs. The tenants we have had have all taken care of the property and I get updates with pictures on the condition of the property. Their online system is easy to use and provides all information on the property. I would not hesitate to recommend Travis Foote and Woodlands Rentals to everyone.
    Judy S.
  • Stephanie G.
    We leased for two years, and Travis' company was stellar. Service calls were answered promptly, routine maintenance was always on time and the website was super and convenient for managing our account. When we were ready to buy, Travis was devoted to finding us the perfect home. He really understood the market, and I know we were in the very best hands.
    Stephanie G.
  • Gary G.
    I was being sent on assignment to another country and knew it was going to be for at least a year. I did not know what to do with my house and obviously did not want to leave it empty. I really had no clue about renting and thought it was going to be a daunting task. I looked around and ended up getting in touch with Woodlands Rentals. What I thought was going to be difficult turned out extremely simple. Woodland Rentals rented out my house within a couple of weeks and took care of everything. There were some maintenance issues while I was away including the dishwasher failing and problems with the sprinklers but all it took was an email and everything was taken care of. After the tenants moved out they even took care of the general maintenance and gardening until I returned. I'm now back in my house after a year and couldn't be happier. I can't thank Travis and the Woodlands Rentals enough and would recommend their services to anyone.
    Gary G.