All individuals 18+ years of age residing in the home must complete the following:

  • Submit a completed application
  • Undergo the applicable screening process
  • Provide necessary documentation including a valid government-issued photo ID
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee

These requirements must also be completed by any resident 18+ years of age added to the household during the lease term.


All leaseholders are required to provide evidence of a combined gross monthly income of three times the monthly rent.

Credit report

During the application process, a credit report will be obtained for all leaseholder applicants to verify credit history and credit score. Credit report results, in addition to applicant’s income, will collectively determine rental eligibility.

Factors that can negatively affect rental eligibility per the results of a credit report include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Credit history
  • High debt load
  • Payment behavior
  • Collection accounts
  • Prior Landlord / Tenant evictions
  • Delinquencies

Criminal history

A criminal background check will be completed for each applicant and occupant 18+ years of age. All criminal records are evaluated from the date of disposition, regardless of the applicant’s or occupant’s age at the time such offense was committed. The application will be denied for the following:

  • Certain felony convictions up to seven years prior to the application date, subject to applicable law.
  • Certain misdemeanors up to three years prior to the application date, subject to applicable law.
  • Felony convictions for any sex-related offenses, regardless of conviction date.
  • Any individual on the OFAC’s SDN list.

These requirements do not guarantee that residents or occupants currently residing in our homes have not been convicted of, or subject to, deferred adjudication for a felony, misdemeanor, or sex offense requiring registration under applicable law. Our ability to verify this information is limited to the information made available to us by the applicant and third party screening service.

Personal liability renter’s insurance requirement

Each resident is required to provide evidence of a minimum of $100,000.00 personal liability insurance policy prior to their move-in date, which must remain in effect throughout the entire lease term. The Landlord must be named as the ‘Interested Party’ on the policy at the time of the commencement of the lease and throughout the entirety of the lease term.

For additional information on Renters Insurance requirements, please contact the local branch representative for further details.


The Landlord allows a maximum of two pets per property, subject to HOA rules. Approval is required for each animal and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Some breeds are restricted, and fees may apply. Service or assistance animals are exempt from restrictions and fees.


Smoking is not permitted inside any of our homes.

Pool fee

A monthly pool service fee of $200 per household will be due in addition to the monthly rent if the home includes a pool. This fee is included in the marketing to make applicants aware of the fee. Please contact the local branch representative for further details.

Other fees

Other monthly fees may apply depending on the characteristics of the home you choose. For additional information regarding other fees, please contact the local branch representative for further details.


Vehicles must remain operational throughout a lease term and must maintain current registration. In addition, all vehicles must be compliant with all state laws and municipal ordinances. Parking requirements of the municipality and HOA, if applicable, must be followed. Please contact the local branch representative for further details. Boats, trailers or any other non-ordinary vehicle or object parked outside are not permitted on the property at any time unless approved in writing by the Landlord.

Occupancy guidelines

The maximum occupancy per home is two persons per bedroom, plus one*. For example, a one bedroom home may have a maximum of three residents, and a two-bedroom home may have a maximum of five residents. Any residents who exceed these occupancy standards during their lease term will be required, upon the end of the current lease term, to either:

  • Move to another available property with more bedrooms; or
  • Move out.

*Please note that occupancy guidelines do not apply to children under one year old.

Contact us for further details as Occupancy Guidelines are subject to local laws and Homeowners Association (“HOA”) requirements.