Screening Process

Our process and the Application Status

INETO RPM Screening Process is straight forward. Complete Applications are processed in a FIFO (First In First Out) manner. With us, being first does matter. If you completed all the steps on our Applying Page, your application will be placed into our Screening Queue. One of our team members will begin processing your application. Incomplete applications are not processed until all information and payments are received.

Your agent will receive status updates as your application moves through the screening process.

Application Submitted

When an Applicant or their Agent completes our Application Process, the Application is submitted to INETO RPM Team for processing. Our Team Member will check the Application for Completeness. A Complete Application will include:

  • Online Application for each resident 18 and older
  • Application Fee paid for each resident 18 and older
  • Supporting documents provided for each resident 18 and older
  • For a complete list of what is needed visit our Applying page.

For a complete list of what is needed, visit our Application Page.


You have submitted a Complete application and our Team is performing the Screening of your application.


The Status we all want to see. Your application has been approved and your Agent has been emailed the terms of the approval. You have 24 hours to Accept or Decline the Approved terms. Failure to Accept the terms within the time limit set, will result in your application being Canceled.

Lease Sent

You accepted the lease terms, you have delivered the Security Deposit. Now the lease has been prepared and emailed to you and your agent for Online Signatures. You will have 48 hours to complete signing of the lease. If the lease remains unsigned within the 48 hour time frame, your application will be Canceled.

Lease Signed

Your application was Approved. You have agreed to the lease terms. The lease was emailed to you for Online Signatures. You paid your Security Deposit. The lease has been executed. The property is yours! Now you will need to schedule to have utilities turned on for your new place.


Your application was declined. A letter will be sent to you explaining why your application was declined.


Your application was canceled. Its possible you wanted your application canceled. Its also possible you waited too long to Accept the approved terms. You can re-apply, but you will be placed at the end of the queue.

Wait Listed

You submitted a complete application, but the property you are applying for has an application ahead of yours.

Need More Information

You submitted an incomplete application. Please visit our Application Page and be sure to complete all steps.


Applicants who apply and who are offering lease terms that are not in agreement with the advertised terms, are not guaranteed a Priority order in our screening process. To be guaranteed a priority order in our FIFO system, the advertised terms need to be agreed too.